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Year in Review: 2013 – 2014

This spring, CLBB leadership, Scientific Faculty, and Advisory Board members gathered to review the Center’s activities over the course of the past year.

Our Ancestral Brain in the Modern World: A Mismatch?Randy Buckner, CLBB Faculty member and Harvard Professor of Psychology and of Neuroscience, laid the groundwork for rich discussion with his keynote talk, “Our Ancestral Brain in the Modern World: A Mismatch?” Buckner discussed how a neuroscientific understanding of the brain might elucidate some of the difficulties humans have adapting to our current world. He suggested that many of the questions CLBB examines – about juvenile justice, addictions, criminal responsibility, and more – can be in part investigated by understanding the mismatch between the ancestral brain and the modern world.

CLBB Co-directors Judith Edersheim and Bruce Price, and Associate Director Justin Baker, presented CLBB’s Year in Review, highlighting the CLBB mission, featured initiatives, and all CLBB-related events, publications, and press from the past year.

The full program is available below: