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Harvard Catalyst announces pilot funding for adolescent mental health

The Harvard Catalyst Child Health Committee fosters collaboration across Harvard and its affiliated institutions, and supports innovative and collaborative child health-related clinical and translational research. Now, the Harvard Catalyst is inviting applications for pilot grants to foster and enable collaborative research on mental health and the developing brain in the second decade of life across the T1-T4 translational spectrum. Read the RFA announcement here.

This funding opportunity is intended to engage a broad range of policy, public health, clinical, and other investigators from across the Harvard community. Funding will be provided for collaborative, cutting-edge work that improves our understanding of this vulnerable and critically important developmental period. Harvard Catalyst will fund applications for pilot data and feasibility studies for innovative child mental health research projects, or for the development of tools, measures, and resources that will be used in future studies to decrease the burden of child mental illness in late childhood and adolescence, and across the lifecourse.

The specific research priority areas represent topics covered as part of the annual Child Health Symposium on October 6, 2014. Sponsored by Harvard Catalyst’s Child Health Committee, the symposium Mental Health and the Developing Brain in the Second Decade of Life: Research Challenges and Opportunities will bring together leading scientists from across the nation for a dialog with Harvard’s child health research community on four topics: (1) Mood Dysregulation, (2) Youth Suicide, (3) Violence, and (4) Concussion and the Developing Brain.

For this RFA, the first two focus areas have been consolidated into one research priority area: mood dysregulation and its consequences. Applications in response to this RFA should relate to this research priority area or to the violence research priority area. For more details on each research priority area, please see the preliminary RFA.

Read the full announcement on Harvard Catalyst.