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Archive of Video and Slides for the Trainings:

Session 1: Framing the Issue and Overview of Adolescent Neurodevelopment (May 26, 2020): Video and Slides

Session 2: The Developing Brain in Social Environments: Adverse Childhood Experiences and Positive Youth Development Assets (June 9, 2020): Video and Slides

Session 3: Behavioral Health in Delinquency: Substance Abuse and Mental Health Disorders (June 23, 2020): Video and Slides

Session 4: Implications for Juvenile Justice Practices: Research-Based Responses Along the Sequential Intercept (July 7, 2020): Video and Slides

Session 5: Besting Bias in Juvenile Courts, with Sean Darling-Hammond (July 21, 2020) : Video and Slides

In Summer 2020, we are proud to present a new, online learning series: Justice and the Developing Brain. The program contributes to improving our justice system’s response to juveniles and emerging adults.

Description: Emerging adults are more likely to be arrested, be incarcerated, and to recidivate after release. Join the Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office, the brain-science experts at the MGH Center for Law, Brain & Behavior, and the staff and youth at More Than Words to learn why and discuss how we can reverse this trend.

The lead organizer for this program is More Than Words, a nonprofit social enterprise that empowers young adults who are in the foster care system, court-involved, homeless, or out of school to take charge of their lives by taking charge of a business. More Than Words offered a powerful statement on Black Lives Matter, closing with the line: “We can’t tell you how to act, but ask that you do.”

The program, with presentations by CLBB Assoc. Managing Director Dr. Robert Kinscherff, JD, PhD, is unique because it is co-sponsored both by the Committee for Public Counsel Services (the Public Defender Agency of Massachusetts) and by the Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office, through the leadership of Suffolk County District Attorney Rachael Rollins.