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Bianca de FuscoBianca de Fusco is a native of Monza, Italy and was raised in Bergamo – for generations the seat of her family’s textile business. After working for her family and then in advertising, Bianca developed an early career in fashion in the showrooms of Milan. At Giorgio Armani S.p.A. she held a number of international marketing roles in Milan and later, after marrying and moving to the United Sates, in New York. In the US Bianca went on to join the Valentino Fashion Group and successfully contributed to building the global brand and its north American retail presence. Bianca eventually set aside her business career in the fashion industry to devote all of her time to raising her family, and has occasionally consulted on special projects. Bianca was educated in Italy where she studied foreign languages and literature. She is active in her community through various charitable organizations and has been a fundraiser for, among others, the Motion Picture and Television Fund retirement home in Calabasas, California.

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