The Neurolaw Revolution: A Lecture by Francis X. Shen

On Wednesday, September 13, Dr. Francis Shen delivered a lecture on the ways that neuroscience and law are revolutionizing society.


CLBB Welcomes New Senior Fellow in Law and Applied Neuroscience!

CLBB is thrilled to announce our 2017-2018 Senior Fellow in Law and Applied Neuroscience: Dr. Francis Shen!


WATCH — Second Chance Kids

CLBB’s Dr. Robert Kinscherff provides perspective inside the fight over the fate of juveniles in prison for murder, following a landmark Supreme Court ruling.


The Mayhem of a Misdiagnosis

On Tuesday, March 7, experts in law, psychiatry, and neurology discussed the devastating impact of a misdiagnosis, using an individual’s story as a tragic example.


MGH Center for Law, Brain & Behavior

Neuroscience is already influencing the legal system.
The CLBB mission is to ensure that this influence is responsible and based on sound scientific evidence. Where evidence is lacking, we venture to advance the field with discoveries that can be applied directly to the courtroom.

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The speed of technology in neuroscience as it impacts ethical and just decisions in the legal system needs to be understood by lawyers, judges, public policy makers, and the general public. The Massachusetts General Hospital Center for Law, Brain, and Behavior is an academic and professional resource for the education, research, and understanding of neuroscience and the law. Read more