The Center for Law, Brain & Behavior puts the most accurate and actionable neuroscience in the hands of judges, lawyers, policymakers and journalists—people who shape the standards and practices of our legal system and affect its impact on people’s lives. We work to make the legal system more effective and more just for all those affected by the law.

2020-2021 Senior Fellow in Law & Neuroscience

Elyssa Spitzer, JD

Fourth Senior Fellow in the Project on Law and Applied Neuroscience

2017-2019 Senior Fellow in Law & Neuroscience

Francis Shen, JD, PhD

Professor, University of Minnesota Law School
Executive Director of Education and Outreach, MacArthur Foundation Research Network on Law and Neuroscience

2015-2017 Senior Fellow in Law & Applied Neuroscience

Robert Kinscherff, PhD, Esq.

Faculty in the Doctoral Program in Clinical Psychology and Associate Vice President for Community Engagement,  William James College
Senior Associate, National Center for Mental Health and Juvenile Justice.
Forensic examiner, Massachusetts Parole Board

2016-2017 Visiting Fellow in Law & Neuroscience

Zachary E. Shapiro, JD, MSc

Presidential Fellow of Law, The Hastings Center for Bioethics

2014-2015 Senior Fellow in Law & Applied Neuroscience

Amanda Pustilnik, JD

Professor of Law, University of Maryland School of Law

2013-2014 Forensic Psychology Research Fellow

Ekaterina Pivovarova, Ph.D.

Licensed Clinical Forensic Psychologist