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WATCH — Dr. Edersheim and Judge Gertner at HUBweek

CLBB’s Dr. Judith Edersheim and Judge Gertner were featured speakers at this year’s HUBweek, as part of the Perspectives in Healing: Women in Medicine series. Dr. Edersheim will headline the event titled, “Where the Brain and the Law Intersect”, on Sunday, October 4th, from 6-7 pm. HUBweek is a week-long innovation festival that intersects science, technology, and the arts, and is sponsored by MIT, Harvard, Massachusetts General Hospital, and The Boston Globe. From the event page:

“Can justice be served when the newest brain science meets the law? Join a conversation with Judith Edersheim, MD, JD, Co-Director of Mass General’s Center for Law, Brain and Behavior about the intersection of the brain and the legal system. Advances in neuroscience are rapidly increasing our understanding of the relationship between brain development, functioning and behavior. The questions that arise as neuroscience, law and public policy intersect may have enormous significance on the future of our justice system.

This program is part of Mass General’s Perspectives in Healing: Women in Medicine series. Join extraordinary women over five evenings as they bring their unique vantage points of science, health and healing to the greater Boston community. Each evening will offer an interactive conversation that covers personal and professional perspectives on medicine, the law, media, happiness, and music as a healing tool. Join some of Boston’s most accomplished women in medicine who share a common purpose: to help us heal.”

Watch video of the entire event below, or explore past events on the intersection between law and neuroscience on CLBB’s Vimeo Channel.