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Raluca Buttner graduated from MIT in 1996 with a Chemical Engineering major and Film Studies concentration.  Upon graduation, she worked at Merck’s Westpoint, PA location in the vaccine manufacturing division followed by their research division.  While deeply appreciative of the learning gained from her college and professional experiences, her love of art and design has always been strong and led her to pursue a career change, moving to a web management and design position at Thomson Financial (TF) in Boston, after a year away in Melbourne, Australia.

After several years at TF, and a summer term at the Berklee School of Music, Raluca’s desire for a more flexible schedule that would enable her to pursue her artistic and musical passions led her to work with her future husband, Ned Buttner, a researcher at Harvard University at the time, helping him with figures, writing, research and statistics for his scientific publications.

Ned and Raluca were married in 2006, and had a beautiful life together, with their 3 beloved children, until his passing in 2015.  Today, Raluca’s life is full of music and art, and the happiness of continuing to raise her children.  She contributes creatively to the Waldorf School of Lexington whenever possible, which all of her children attend, and perform and sing with the Rolling Gnomes, a rock/jazz band created by several Waldorf school parents.

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