The Center for Law, Brain & Behavior puts the most accurate and actionable neuroscience in the hands of judges, lawyers, policymakers and journalists—people who shape the standards and practices of our legal system and affect its impact on people’s lives. We work to make the legal system more effective and more just for all those affected by the law.

Adam Haar Horowitz is a PhD student in the MIT Media Lab spanning neuroscience, technology and design. His work aims to translate advances in brain science into interventions and experiences, with research focused on sleep and embodied cognition. Currently, his devices are being used in experiments on dream control, nightmare treatment, and increasing empathy.

Adam has a background in research at MIT’s McGovern Institute for Brain Research, at Harvard metaLAB, and at the Marina Abramovic Institute. His work has been presented in a range of artistic and scientific spaces, including Science, Nature, National Academy of Sciences, GoogleX, Cannes Film Festival, 60 Minutes and the World Economic Forum.

Adam is interested in how brain science can expand to interact fluidly with art, technology and policy. Adam is most excited about spending time bringing his tools to other labs for guiding dreams and nightmare treatment, working on neuroscience based prison policy change with CLBB, and bridging art and neuroscience in a form that goes beyond ornamental.

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